Blogs & Forums

A list of informational blogs and forums on (sourdough) breads and baking.



a Breaducation Logo a Breaducation
Teaching the fundamentals of bread baking through clear and simple instructions.

Bread Cetera Logo Bread Cetera
A chemist’s quest for baking professional quality breads in a home kitchen.

Farine Logo Farine
Recipes and interviews by a charming French woman who’s crazy for bread.

Girl Meets Rye Logo Girl Meets Rye
A photographic blog on sourdough breads by a passionate home baker.

Mookie Loves Bread Logo Mookie Loves Bread
Sourdough recipes by an experimental but enthusiastic amateur baker.



Chef Talk Logo Chef Talk: Pastries & Baking
A community of chefs, home cooks, culinary students, and everyone in-between.

eGullet Forums Logo eGullet Forums: Pastry & Baking
A forum for food-related discussions.

King Arthur Flour Logo King Arthur Flour: The Baking Circle
A baking hub to ask questions, share recipes, and start discussions.

Sourdough Companion Logo Sourdough Companion
A community of bakers interested in the art of naturally risen breads.

The Fresh Loaf Logo The Fresh Loaf
News and information for amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts.